How to get to 85 wins. Or not.

Evan Grant, Rangers beat writer for The Dallas Morning News, breaks down each month of the upcoming Rangers season and gives a month-by-month assessment of wins and losses. He's optimistic that the Rangers will win 85 games. 

Given that no one can account for injuries (both Rangers and their opponents), streaks & slumps, weather, etc., nothing about guessing a season is easy or accurate. One has to figure it out based on personnel, tendencies, cross-country flights/jet lag, etc. 

Is he right? I'd like to think not, because I'm a Rangers homer and want them to win at least 10 more games than his 85. But his analysis may be spot on....

If the Rangers can get to September in contention, the schedule gives them the potential for a big home-field edge. They play 17 of their final 23 games in Arlington. The month includes the season’s longest homestand: 10 games against Oakland, Houston and Seattle. They will have to play on adrenaline, though. They have only one off day among the last 31 days of the season.
— Evan Grant, Dallas Morning News