Buh, Bye Paper All-Star Ballots

Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that MLB will stop using paper ballots for All-Star Voting. Apparently, online voting significantly overshadows the number votes by paper ballot. I will miss them. I think Mike Oz of Yahoo Sports put its best.

But oh, to be 10. My cousin and I would sit there, under the sun, with our peanuts or malts, poking out the tiny baseball next to the name of our favorite players. There was a lot of deciding to do. I didn’t just vote for the A’s. I took it much more serious than that. I knew all these players’ names and stats. I had their baseball cards and would see many of them when they came to play the A’s, so I tried to be fair. I always figured it was a great endorsement when I deemed a player from a different team worthy of a vote. Congrats, Bo Jackson.
— Mike Oz, Yahoo Sports