Since our podcast was de-listed for the second time. . .

Since our little podcast was de-listed for the second time, we decided to make some changes to  our website. A new name. A new design. A change in our RSS feed URL.

This past week, our little podcast was removed from the iTunes Store for the second time. Unlike the first time, we received an email asking for a phone number to discuss why it was removed. After a couple minutes discussion, the iTunes person suggested a new title for the podcast that would allow him to add the podcast back in the iTunes Store. We liked it and made the adjustments. Thus, the new name for our podcast, Scrub Brush Texas Baseball Report and we are back in the iTunes Store

Also, we decided to make the move to a newly designed website through SquareSpace. We like the updated look and new tools to manage it. We hope you like, too. 

But the danger in this move is that we will break the RSS feed URL that iTunes uses. Preventing our loyal listeners to easily download our little podcast. This is what prevented us to make the website change. The new SquareSpace system uses a different URL scheme than our previous SquareSpace site. With advice from our host to redirect the old RSS to the new RSS feed, we decided to risk it. So if you notice that it is not working in your iTunes or favorite podcast catcher, we will be working to get it corrected.

Thank you for listening to our little podcast,