The Death of Baseball

There’s just one hitch. Our dads thought baseball was their fathers’ game. (From 1969: “Now I know why old people like baseball. It’s a sanctuary for the listless.”) And our grandfathers thought baseball was their fathers’ game. (From 1917: “The day of the proxy sport has passed for the live-wire American.”) By declaring baseball dead, we haven’t broken with our fathers at all. We’ve reconciled with them. We’re two obituarists meeting in a magic Iowa cornfield. “Hey, Dad,” we venture, voices cracking. “You want to write a think piece?”
— Bryan Curtis, Grantland

Bryan Curtis of Grantland writes an interesting piece exploring the history of articles proclaiming the death of Baseball through the decades. Spoiler: Almost immediately after baseball began, people have been trying to declare it in decline and for obsolescence.