The Conundrum

Hamilton is once again injured.  

Freakish play. Foul ball. Nobody covering home.

Aggressive play to try to take advantage.

Head-first slide. Tagged out.

Broken shoulder, arm? Still not sure exactly what the injury is.

So Hamilton is gone again. And not just a two-week DL stint, but at a minimum 6-8 weeks. So here's the conundrum: Do you build your team around a player who is injury-prone?

Everyone agree that when Josh is healthy, he is one of the best players in baseball today. The question is: How much risk does Hamilton assume and how much risk do the Rangers assume. That is what lead to contentious contract negotiation over the winter between Hamilton and the Rangers. In my opinion, they made a great compromise. Giving Josh a larger contract but not full value with two years to prove he can stay healthy.

Josh's newest injury just reminds us all of this conundrum.