For the last several years, the Rangers and their fans have been pointing to 2010. Tom and I have been doing the same in our podcast the last several years. We saw the stockpiling of young talent, more particularly pitching, in the minor leagues. 

Well, 2010 is here. The Rangers will win the division. If. If what?

If one of our young catchers establishes himself? No.

If the Rangers find a replacement for Vizquel as the utility infielder? No.

If the Rangers return to its offensive production of years past? No.

If the Rangers starters win 60 games? Maybe

If the Rangers starters win 65 games? Probably

If the Rangers starters win 70 games? Definitely

The most important factor for the Rangers to win this year is starting pitching. In order for the starters to win that many games, they will have to be good. If they are good all year, that means that the defense behind will be supporting them. It means that when the offensive tanks that pitching carries this team. For an organization that has been stymied in its development of starting pitching, if the rotation wins that many games, it will be a sign that the organization is turning it around. And at this point, it is not with the young players that we have been talking about the last three years.

I am ready for the season to start.