Doubleheader thoughts

I got to credit to my podcasting partner, Tom.  He came up with the idea to go to the As-Rangers doubleheader on Friday.  It was a great day/night to watch seven hours of baseball.  It was at times a frustrating time with Chris Davis striking out six times and Michael Young going hitless.

What continues to impress about this team is that it wins games even when they are having a hard time at the plate.  

Also, I was glad to see the fan turnout for the second game.  The first game had a weird sound because the crowd was not that large at 4 pm.  In fact when I was walking by the concession stands, every worker was telling me "Welcome to the Rangers Ballpark."  At that point, it was overkill.  

Final note, CJ gets a win and a save in one day.  That is not done very often.


Go Rangers.