Well, it is Memorial Day

As my podcasting partner twittered, "It's Memorial day weekend and our Texas #Rangers have the best record in the AL. Awesome!  Hope the same is true on Labor Day."

What promises this Memorial Day has for Rangers fan.  We have the best record in the American League. Plus, we are playing the New York Yankees.  I am not all that keen on the Yankees, but in order, to be taken seriously, the Rangers need to beat the Yankees while in the spotlight.  Why? The Yankees have the ultimate argument ender with 27 World Series rings.  Also, the Yankees are also as hot as the Rangers (8-2 in last 10). They get the spotlight because of media market size and past history.

Texas has historically not played well against the Pinstripes.  The Yankees are 348-240 in the lifetime series against the Rangers.  Last year, the Rangers won the season series 4-3.  So is it a sign that Rangers are turning the corner against the Yankees? Too early to tell.

One thing is for certain that the Rangers have not had as good as a pitching staff to go up against the Nuevo Bronx Bombers.  The Rangers already have 5 complete games.  They only had six last year.  The bullpen is rested because Washington has not needed them as much as last year.

With strong pitching and hopefully more patience at the plate with out hitters, Texas will show the Yankees that very good ball is being played in Arlington.