Blue Jays Stroman

Five weeks ago, Jordan Wevers of Fansided had thoughts about where the returning Marcus Stroman might fit in the Blue Jays' plans for the rest of the season and postseason. 

Right now, the Jays are saying if he impresses enough during his rehab assignments and shows no signs of risking further injury to his surgically repaired knee, Stroman will work his way back into a role with the club out of the bullpen.

The next sentence is prophetic.

Stroman himself seems hell-bent on returning to the rotation, both through his determined recovery efforts, but also with his words.

Apparently, he has impressed enough that the Blue Jays chose him over Price for game 5.

National Baseball writer says don't overlook Rangers

In the Rangers, I see many of the same qualities the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants exhibited en route to last year’s Fall Classic.
— Jon Morosi, Fox Sports

This team has been exciting to watch since July 31. Incredible story. No matter what most people say, most people were in "Wait until next week" mode. I'm glad the players, Bannister, and Jon Daniels.



Thoughts on Elvis' transformation

Andrus has been through a number of hitting coaches. So his swing developed changes over time, and his offensive productivity dipped. Before this year, Dave Magadan wanted to see Andrus pick one swing to stick with consistently. And he wanted to see Andrus sting the ball a little more, instead of so often slapping it the other way. In short: Magadan and Andrus wanted to see Andrus as more of a gap hitter. Less of a groundball hitter. Andrus remains a work in progress, but the signs of change are undeniable.
— Jeff Sullivan,

How to get to 85 wins. Or not.

If the Rangers can get to September in contention, the schedule gives them the potential for a big home-field edge. They play 17 of their final 23 games in Arlington. The month includes the season’s longest homestand: 10 games against Oakland, Houston and Seattle. They will have to play on adrenaline, though. They have only one off day among the last 31 days of the season.

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Tommy John surgeries and March

And now we have strong evidence that March is a make-or-break month for team health, the origin of more than a quarter of the cases of a dreaded type of season-ending surgery. How training staffs handle the transition from winter to spring is only one skirmish in a larger war against injuries, but in some seasons, those skirmishes have a decisive effect on the standings. Mess with March, and you run the risk of being DOA on Opening Day.
— Ben Lindbergh, Grantland

Ben Lindbergh of Grantland asked the question if March is a bad month for Tommy John surgeries. I believe Rangers fans will find it an interesting read since Darvish had Tommy John surgery this month, March.