The completely unofficial, never–been licensed, potentially opinionated, less than completely informed podcast that chats it up about the Texas Rangers Baseball Club and all things Major League Baseball. We don’t have the endorsement of the Rangers, MLB, the general sports culture and don’t even get a knowing nod from our moms.

Rob Allen
Rob is a native Texan who has lived in College Station and Austin as a child, but he swears his collegiate affiliation to TCU. His love for baseball started when his dad drove him and his sister from Texarkana on a school night to watch his beloved New York Yankees.* Rob rooted for the Rangers despite his dad's influence.  He spent many of nights with his radio on listening to WBAP's broadcast of the Rangers games as he was falling asleep. 

Tom Riggs
Tom Riggs was 9 years old when the Washington Senators moved just down the street from his home on Randol Mill Road in Arlington and became the Rangers. As a kid, Tom and his cousin would sneek into Arlington Stadium when his older sister had an usher's job. Tom was hooked on the Rangers from day one and never gave up his affection for his team, even when he spent is high school, college and young adulthood in Kansas City Royals & St. Louis Cardinals country. On a clear night in central Kansas, the Rangers broadcast signal came through loud and clear. Thankfully, he's returned to DFW and is able to talk about his beloved team with the natives.

Billy Szendrey
Billy Sz is a tranplanted New Yorker. He retired as a Yankee fan on December 17, 1983. That was the day after the Yankees fired Billy Martin for the third time. Billy adopted the Rangers as his baseball team with the start of the '84 season. He continues as a faithful fan of Notre Dame and the New York Giants. Billy's ambition in life is to annoy Tom as much as possible.

Audrey Burnett
Audrey is a girl. She likes puppies, dancing shows, and the Texas Rangers. She's a native Texan and entered an essay contest in the 7th grade. The prize for winning was meeting Nolan Ryan. She wrote about the Rainforest. It must have been memorable because she got to meet Nolan Ryan. Baseball was never the same again...well not really but she dove into the  "knowing more baseball stuff" or at least the "trying to know more baseball stuff" phase when she moved back to the Dallas area in 2010 and started going to games as much as possible. OKAY BYE!


*Rob's dad eventually stopped being an Yankee fan due to George Steinbrenner's running of the team and became a full-time Rangers fan.